Fiasco Sideshow

Fiasco Sideshow


Offense for all 5 senses

To say Fiasco SideShow is a high energy act would be a monstrous understatement. This dizzying one man show mixes juggling, flesh defying stunts, and grown-up slapstick delivered in an inimitable comedic style. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Brent Fiasco* travels the country entertaining and astounding. These frantic shows are given at things like parties, corporate events, schools, street fairs, conventions, festivals, themed events, weddings… did that say weddings? Yes it did. Audiences find themselves absolutely glued to the controlled chaos and event organizers find themselves throwing a show that no one can possibly forget.

What others are saying

Fiasco SideShow clients have come to rely on prompt, efficient communications, an unexpected degree of cleanliness and professionalism, reasonable rates, and obsessive punctuality. They are also met with willingness to customize each show.

*This is not so much a name as a title, like in Typhoid Mary, Ghengis Khan, or Rubber Ducky